Web Design

Why using Web Design for your Business?
Your website is your interface to reach customers. you can rely on identity Co. in designing and programming your professional and intelligent website

- Business Interface
Websites become a must to guarantee your existence in the business market among your competitors

- Online Shopping
Offer your customer an easy and smooth way to buy your product by allowing online shopping through your website

- Digital Marketing
identity Co. markets your website to engage new visitors interested in your business & services

- Official Presence
A professional website gains the trust of all targeted customers and success partners around the world

- Company Website
Creating a company website has a significant impact on the success of the institution that seeks to establish a site that gives information about its objectives and services.

- Online Store
Creating an online store is a must for business owners or stores of clothes, perfumes, electronics, mobiles, or accessories for sale and electronic payment easily through the store.

- Restaurant Website
Having a restaurant website to display favorite dishes, offers, and photos of the restaurant and the menu with food ordering and tracking orders and communicate with customers.

- Medical Website
Creating a medical website for a hospital or clinic is an important necessity to offer services, communicate with patients, and book appointments of doctors and clinics.

- News Website
Design a news website to help spread news, articles, writers' opinions, city or province news, and even create a site to publish family or tribe news and communicate with readers.

- Induction Website
It is important for any public figure & celebrity to have an induction website to be the link between you and the community so we can help to design a professional induction website.

- Personal Blogs
Creating well-designed blogs for celebrities to publish content, photos & videos, connect with followers, and increase views while linking the site to social media is on high demand.

- WordPress
Designing the famous WordPress template worldwide. If you want to create a site in any field, we provide you with this service, whether a lawyer site or a multi-tasks site or even a blog.

* Why identity Co.?
Get your creative website with the best user experience

enlightened Modern Designs
All websites that we design have modern and aesthetics features.

enlightened Programming Languages
We use the most popular programming languages and best web technologies.

enlightened Loading Speed
Our websites are characterized by fast loading and the best performance.

enlightened SEO Service
All sites are compatible with search engines to help customers reach the site.

enlightened Support System
The latest methods of site protection and technical support all the time.

enlightened Screen Compatible
All our website designs are compatible with computers, mobile, and tablet